Cleaning & care of gaming machines.

Continuous play without stop.


Equipment care and cleaning – why?

  • Avoids expensive maintenance costs and engineer call outs
  • Increases reliability of the devices
  • Keeps your equipment running in peak condition
  • Prevents contamination and deterioration of devices
  • Maintains machine up time
  • Brand image & customer interface/experience

FLOCKTECHNOLOGY (with brush effect)

  • Effective cleaning of magnetic heads, chip contacts, transport rollers and belts
  • Very high dirt absorption
  • Dirt is effectively removed from the equipment

Cleaning Solvent

  • High quality electronics-compatible cleaning solvent
  • Guaranteed the right quality and correct measured amount of cleaning solvent
  • Dissolves even persistent dirt and grease effectively
  • Not invasive, but proficient in cleaning

Tear-open-pouch (Sachet)

  • Simple handling (open – clean – dispose)
  • Protective against light/air/humidity
  • Long shelf life
  • Serves as useful operational manual