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Sprayduster, non-flammable

Sprayduster ELIX, 400 ml

 30.20 exkl. MwSt.

For all automated systems, electronic and technical equipment Efficiently cleans difficult reachable areas in equipment (electronics and mechanics) Removes finest dust of any type right down to microscopically small dust particles High level of purity Non-flammable Machine failures due to contamination and dirt are drastically reduced Simple and easy handling Item, Content: Sprayduster in aerosol [...]

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 8.60 exkl. MwSt.

Pure and powerful Dust-Remover – flammable – DUSTER-FL is an microscopically clean, moister-free and flammable sprayduster Developed for applications where extremely pure cleaning is required, and where liquid solvents are inappropriate The powerful jet action instantly removes particles from the most inaccessible areas DUSTER-FL quickly and safely removes dust, lint, and oxide particles from all [...]

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