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Hand Desinfection 50

Hand Disinfectant wipes, in a dispenser PET

Rapid disinfection of hands.

The liquid does not contain alcohol.

Disinfecting, cleansing,

Biocidal product for human hygiene

Effective against bacteria including mycobacteria (TbB), fungi (Candida), molds and special viruses such as influenza viruses (orthomyxoviridae).

Dissolves dried blood stains and does not stain

Odorless, neutralizes odor-causing bacteria

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Item, Content:
  • Desinfection wipes in a dispenser
  • *BAG / OFSP-Nr. CHZB2097 • BauA REG.-Nr. N-72314
  • Content: 50 cloths
  • 12 bottles in a box

* Please note that the admission is only valid in Swiss/Germany

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