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Label-remover spray

Label-remover spray

  • Removes adhesive paper labels quick and easily
  • Removes adhesive paper labels from all kinds of material very easy and quick, without damaging the surface
  • The dissolving substance penetrates the paper and eliminates the label’s adhesive strength
  • Residues of glue can be wiped off by using a cloth or paper
  • Has proven useful in the home, gift shops, as well as in the handicraft trade and in the office
  • Due to the strong dissolving power, a few materials such as expanded polystryrene may be attacked by the ingredient
  • In case of doubt, test on a small area
  • With special brush adapter head which facilitates application to the surface and improves penetration of the liquid.



  • Cans
  • Content: 200ml
  • 12 Cans per master carton


According to transport regulations, this product is classified as dangerous goods (limited quantity). To place an order, contact us at in**@ec***.ch.

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